10 LCD
3.5" 320x480 LCD display
parameters1:Size:3.5 inch
parameters3:Interface: 45PIN SPI RGB HVGA
3.5 inch LCD display module and TFT LCM Color Screen panel
Reaper high blacklight touch resistant HVGA
睿鹏 液晶屏 工控屏 高清 高亮

3.5" 320x480  LCD display 44 pin 45PIN  SPI RGB HVGA
Number of Dots: 320×(RGB)×480
Input voltage: 3.0V-12V Optional
Viewing direction: 6.00 o'clock
Operation Temperature: -20℃to +70℃
Storage Temperature: -30℃to +80℃
Display mode: TFT
FPC: plug-in type Connection mode: COG+FPC
Interface: 45PIN
Driver IC: ILI9488 or
Driver IC package: COG
LED backlight: white bright LED backlight
Resistant touch screen