10 LCD
4.3" 5 inch LCD display Screen
parameters1:Size:4.3 inch 5 inch
parameters3:Interface: 40PIN RGB
4.3 inch 5 inch lcd display screen module touch screen
Reaper 480x272
睿鹏 液晶屏 定制 高亮 显示屏

LCD display Screen  with TFT  Color and touch panel optional

TFT-LCD module, which is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, a driver circuit and a
backlight unit. The panel size is 4.3 5 inch and the resolution is 480*272  , the panel can
display up to 16M colors. The LCM can be easily accessed by micro-controller via RGB
interface or other.

Model: 4.3" 5 inch  LCD Display    

Resolution: 480xRGBx272

Module size(W*H*T): 105.5(mm)x67.2(mm)x4.5(mm)

Active area (W*H) 95.04(mm)x53.86(mm)

Operating voltage: 4.75 v-7V
Working temperature;- 20 / + 70 ° C

Touch: Touch screen is optional

The specification can  download from us.