10 LCD
7 inch LCD Screen
parameters1:Size:7 inch
parameters2:Resolution:800x480 1024x600
parameters3:Interface: 40PIN 50PIN 60PIN RGB
7 inch LCD display module and TFT LCM Color Screen panel
Reaper high blacklight
睿鹏 液晶屏 工控屏 高清 高亮

7 inch LCD Screen color TFT display  LCM module

LCD display Screen  with TFT  Color and touch panel optional

TFT-LCD module, which is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, a driver circuit and a
backlight unit. The panel size is 7 inch  The LCM can be easily accessed by micro-controller via RGB interface or other.

This single-display module is suitable for use in Multidedia Player products.
The LCD adopts one backlight with High brightness 18-lamps white LED.
1) Construction: 7〞а-Si color TFT-LCD ,White LED backlight and FPC.
2) LCD:
         2.1  Amorphous-TFT 7-inch display, transmissive, normally white type.
         2.2  800(RGB)×480 dots Matrix. 1024X600
         2.3 Narrow-contact ledge technique.
3) RGB interface.
4) Video signal interface: Parallel RGB.

Mechanical Specifications
Dimensional outline 164.9(W) ×100.0(H) ×3.4(D) mm
Active area 154.08(W) × 85.92(H) mm
Pixel size 63.2(W) ×RGB×179(H) um
Resolution 800(RGB) ×480 pixel
Luminance 280(TYP)

The specification can  download from us.